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emergency action response

SPEAR* Technical Rescue Truck

* SPEAR & SPEAR Trucks TM.

Adaptable to Respond to a Variety of
Emergency Action Response and
Fire Response Situations

The SPEARTM design utilizes a special carrier truck chassis to deliver a custom designed portable equipment storage unit, or "POD," filled with the equipment appropriate to the emergency response call.

  Spear TrucksTM emergency action response vehicle pod configurations include fire response, biohazard response, chemical spill response, any type of emergency rescue, disaster response, or mobile command and communication units. These portable interchangable pods are built to be suited to the action response or rescue vehicle required.

   As each portable equipment unit is self sufficient, the unit can be off-loaded at the response site. The truck can be returned to the station ready for dispatch to another site. Spear TrucksTM and POD units are available in a variety of sizes. Each portable unit is designed with removable aluminum storage shelving that can be updated to meet the requirements for changing needs or new equipment design. If you have a particular type of project in mind, we encourage you to fill out one of our online information forms.

   With Homeland Security on everyone's mind these days, contingency plans are a wise consideration.

fire response vehicles

Spear Trucks

With SPEARTM Versatility,
The Mission Can Be Changed In Less Than Five Minutes.
emergency rescue

Typical Applications

  • Trench Rescue Response
  • Building Collapse Response
  • Rope Rescue Response
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Tunnel Rescue
  • Hazardous Waste Spill
  • Mobile Command and Communication Center
  • Toxic Gas Response Equipment
  • Laboratory Testing Equipment
  • Bio Hazard Response
  • Air and Light
  • Tanker
rescue vehicle

Spear Trucks, biohazard response

SPEAR TrucksTM Features
Are Numerous and Variable.
disaster response truck
Above: Rear View, Building Collapse Pod.
chemical spill response, Spear Trucks


  • Versatility and Efficiency in Technical Rescue Response Trucks
  • Custom Design Consulting
  • Turnkey Results: Truck, Hoist, Pods
  • Single Truck May Service Several Pods
  • Pod Understructure Design Choices:
        Hook Lift
        Cable Hoist
  • Aluminum Interior Storage Units
  • Interior Shelving: Removable-Interchangeable
  • Off Road Capability
  • Exterior Side Door
  • Interior Walkway

action response vehicle, SPEAR Self-Contained Portable Emergency Action Response Vehicle
Left: Inside Storage Before Loading.
fire response vehicles, emergency vehicles, Spear Trucks

rescue vehicle, biohazard, chemical spill response, disaster response truck

SPEARTM Specifications
action response vehicle, trench rescue, building collapse rescue, rope rescue, tunnel rescue
Chassis Specifications
  • 64,000 lbs. GVW
  • 350 HP Diesel Engine
  • Allison Automatic Transmission
  • Overall Length -- Up to 35 Feet
  • Overall Height -- 12'6"
POD Specifications
  • Pod Interior Height -- Approximately 6'4"
  • Overall Width -- 96" to 102"
  • Available Lengths -- from 13' to 22' for straight truck applications and up to 53' for trailer applications
  • Pods will park in most spaces occupied by late model fire vehicles.

tunnel rescue

Large Side Doors Open for Easy Access

Typical Equipment
in Most Emergency
Response Pods

hazardous waste spill, toxic gas response equipment, biohazard response
  • 110 volt Generator
  • Portable Light Sets
  • Air Bottles
  • Air Tools and Hoses
  • Airshores from 18" to 144" in length
  • Hand Tools
  • Chain Hoists and Manual and Hydraulic Jacks
  • Cribbing Blocks of Various Sizes
  • Air Bags
  • Heavy Lumber for Shoring
  • Trash Pump
  • Self Contained 12 Volt DC Power
mobile command units, Spears Trucks

emergency response equipment, SPEAR, Spear Trucks

Rope Rescue Pod

fire response vehicle SPEAR Portable Emergency Action Response Vehicles
  • Rope and Duffel Lockers
  • Reels that could accommodate air lines or communications cables
  • Ropes of various lengths for special purposes
  • 110-Volt Generator
  • Air Bottles
  • Cable 3/8"
  • Chain Hoists
  • 12 Volt DC Power
  • Light Kits
  • Saws
  • Tools
  • Cutting Torches

Spear Trucks

SPEAR Self-Contained Portable Emergency Action Response Vehicles

Water Tank Pods
Are Also Available

biohazard, emergency rescue, chemical spill response, disaster response truck

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